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Water Mist

Three elements are needed to keep a fire burning: combustible material, oxygen and heat
- also known as “The fire triangle”


When water mist is released two of these elements are affected. 

  1. Heat is removed
  2. Oxygen is reduced

To evaporate water a lot of energy is required and the water vapour will create a layer between the fire and its oxygen supply.

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Innanzittutto uomini ed ambient
H2O Science vuole essere il fornitore/part-ner preferito delle aziende e organizzazioni per le quali sono estremamente importanti soluzioni antincendio con un alto livello di affidabilità, sicurezza, qualità e rispetto per l'ambiente.
Humans and environment first
H2O Science wants to be the preferred supplier/partner for companies and organizations to whom high level of reliability, safety, quality and environmental friendly firefighting solutions, are highly valued.
الإنسان والبيئة أولا
ترغب شركة H2O Science أن تكون المورد أو الشريك المفضل للشركات والمؤسسات التي يهمها إن تكون حلول مكافحة الحرائق المستخدمة تتمتع بمعدل عالي من السلامة، الجودة، والصداقة للبيئة.