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Customised Units


  donkey   Our technology is extremely flexible enabling various numbers of solutions specially made to fit customer requirements while maintaining the high efficiency. The low operating pressure increases the availability of components which are already used in industry and thus tested for a long time. This ensures that customized systems have significant lower risk of breakdown after a short period of operation with expensive repairs as a result.

Customised ATV


Customisation to any kind of terrain

The ATV100A system is a result of customisation of the MU100T compact water mist/ CAFS unit. The MU100T unit is developed for carrying in various types of vehicles but with a customer's need of maximum mobility the system was modified to fit on to an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This unit can move in almost any kind of terrain and in narrow streets as well and can be fitted on any brand of ATV.

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Humans and environment first
H2O Science wants to be the preferred supplier/partner for companies and organizations to whom high level of reliability, safety, quality and environmental friendly firefighting solutions, are highly valued.
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