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Low Pressure Water Mist Systems

The system consists of a series of automatic ultra-fast automatic sprinklers for fire protection of all accommodation, control, public space and machinery areas a board ships.

The FireOff water mist nozzles are designed to discretely blend into the fine interiors of yachts and cruise ships, etc. The nozzles are installed flush to the ceiling and wall surfaces, and the nozzles and rosettes are available in all RAL colours, chrome, black nickel and gold-plated.

The nozzles design permanently protects the fragile ultra-fast glass bulb release element during transportation, handling and installation, and when they are installed in ceilings and on walls. Making the FireOff water mist nozzles not only one of the the most discrete sprinkler designs, but also one of the most rigid and robust sprinkler designs on the maritime market.

The nozzles operate at minimum 6 bar water pressure, with a maximum system water pressure of 16 bar. They require low water supplies and the minimum water densities necessary to provide good and sound fire protection performance.

The FireOff water mist nozzles have coverage areas which have been proven to provide the optimal nozzle release response to fires, and which make it possible to install the nozzles in most maritime areas without wasting water flows, which is often the case with nozzles having very large coverage areas.

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Humans and environment first
H2O Science wants to be the preferred supplier/partner for companies and organizations to whom high level of reliability, safety, quality and environmental friendly firefighting solutions, are highly valued.
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